What Is the Best Website Builder for Small Business in 2022?

Written by David Curtiss

May 5, 2022

The pandemic set off a wave of small businesses jumping into the online sphere as a last-ditch effort at survival. It worked for many of them. It also helped push the adoption of e-commerce ahead by as much as five years in the process.

While that initial wave of businesses jumping online has mostly run its course, new businesses open all the time. They’re under even more pressure to get a website online and get it right the first time. That leaves the open question of finding the best website builder for small business in 2022.

The best website builder for small business—at least where budget versus quality is concerned—is the open-source WordPress software. Keep reading, though, and we’ll explain your top choices for how to build a website.

Ways to Build a Website

There are several ways you can build a business website or, at least, have one made for you.

The main options are:

  • Fully custom site
  • Content management system site
  • Customized CMS site

A CMS site or a customized CMS site is a practical choice for most businesses.

Implementation Time

A fully custom site, built from the ground up, is often a months-long process. The website designer or developer needs a lot of information from you. Once they get all of that information, they start writing the code.

With CMS or custom CMS sites, the implementation time is much shorter. The essential WordPress programming is already in place. Adjusting it for your needs typically means customizing a theme or finding the right plugins.


A truly custom works best for businesses that need highly specialized functionality on their site. Most small businesses don’t need that level of specialization. They can get the functionality they need through WordPress or its vast constellation of plugins.

Why build something new slowly when you can immediately use what already exists.

Mobile Readiness

More people look at websites through tablets or their phones than on traditional desktops anymore. A mobile-ready site or responsive site makes adjustments on the fly to fit the device’s screen size.

A fully custom site must program in that responsiveness from the ground up. With WordPress, you can do it with a properly chosen or customized theme.

Intuitive Interface

One of the significant advantages of a WordPress site is that it comes with a very intuitive interface.

That interface lets you do everything from assigning user permissions to monitoring performance and creating an additional page. You don’t typically see any interface, let alone an intuitive one with fully custom sites.

WordPress: Leveraging the Best Website Builder for Small Business

Of all the other options, WordPress is by far the best website builder for small business. The website builder is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible
  • Fast implementation
  • Mobile ready
  • Intuitive interface

These features are crucial for small business when utilizing time and resources is paramount. When getting a great website up and running is important for your business to grow, WordPress has everything ready for.

Open Source and Free

One of the understated attributes of WordPress is that it is totally free and open source. This means nobody or company owns WordPress. Think of it as a crowdsourced software. This has numerous benefits, one of them being that you own all of your own data. Other softwares developed and owned by companies often have certain user agreements that restrict your ownership of certain data.


A great attribute of WordPress is it gives you the freedom to customize your website easily. This is important to ensure that your site matches your business’s style and brand. Since themes are customizable, you can adjust a theme for your precise needs. So if you need an image carousel, custom colors, or a detailed contact us form—it’s doable. Your website needs to showcase the best your business has to offer, and the ability to custom tailor your website’s design and features is a must.

Infinite Game Studio specializes in custom WordPress sites for business. For questions or more information, contact Infinite Game Studio today.

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