What is an SEO Company?

Written by David Curtiss

March 29, 2022

What do your garage and your website have in common? Both are always a work in progress. The satisfaction of launching a great-looking website is undeniable. However, once the fanfare dies down, and the weeks pass you by, you are left wondering “when will my site get traffic”? 

Creating your website is just the first step in a long series of steps to making it successful. A successful website is easy for new visitors to find, utilizes multiple platforms to attract traffic, and has a healthy traffic volume. In order to get your website in the best place it can be, you need to partner up with an SEO company. 

But what exactly does an SEO company do? Why do I need an SEO company for my website? How do you make sure you find a great SEO Company?

SEO Company? What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, SEO is optimizing your content for maximum visibility when people search for content related to your website. An SEO Company is tasked with finding ways to funnel more traffic to your site. These tasks include content creation, keyword research, and link building to name a few. When there is more traffic on your site, that often means more revenue.

What services do SEO companies offer?

Every SEO company is different and every campaign is different. In other words, there are a lot of variables that dictate what an SEO company can do for your website. Although there are basic actions almost all SEO companies will use when improving your site, there are also different or preferred methods of action between companies. 

That being said, we can outline the common actions that most SEO companies use so you can have a better understanding of how an SEO company would benefit you. Keep in mind that hiring an SEO company to optimize your website becomes much more of a relationship than you think. Because of this, communication is key. In order for you to get the maximum results for your website, there are also important questions to ask:

Identify your target market and compare it to your website

  • What words are your target audience searching for?
  • Is your website performing well as is?
  • What are your competitors doing to drive traffic?
  • What results are you expecting in relation to your current SEO budget?

Make changes to your website on-page

  • Is the content on your website SEO-friendly and clear?
  • Do you use the right language when describing your services?
  • Are your meta descriptions and page titles productive?
  • Are your pages built around the proper keywords?

Make changes to your website off-page

  • Is your website fast enough for your target audience?
  • Is there traffic finding your site through links and is it being mentioned around the web?
  • How secure is your website and is the user interface good?
  • Is your server performing well for your website?

Give periodic updates and communicate clearly

  • What is provided in the SEO reports?
  • How frequently will you receive SEO reports?
  • Is the SEO company keeping pace with changes to your business?
  • What are the goals you and the SEO company agree upon?

Working with the person responsible for your content creation

  • What is the best kind of content for your target market?
  • What content opportunities do you already have on your site? 
  • Do you have strong calls to action on your website? 
  • What ways can you make your content more SEO-friendly?

Test and experiment with your site

  • Are the new upcoming opportunities you can implement? 
  • What elements of your site motivate visitors to take action?
  • What kind of decisions can we make using data as leverage? 
  • Where can we A/B test on your site?

These points of interest are utilized by many SEO companies and these associated questions are what you should be asking and working on with your SEO company. Although every SEO company may utilize different strategies and angles, this is a good overview of what to expect when hiring an SEO company. Clearly, you can see that hiring an SEO company really is a relationship.

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