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Tell Your Story

Connect with your audience on a human level to cultivate long lasting customer relationships.


We understand the game of business and we make sure to understand how your company functions so that we create processes that make you more functional and efficient.


A website is often the primary hub between your company and your customers. We design websites that communicate your product/service simply and effectively no matter what device users are on.

What You Can Expect


Clear and concise communication is what we pride ourselves on. We will keep you updated at every step along the way. This gives our projects more agility and the ability to make changes to scope quickly without having huge impacts on the budget or schedule.


In addition to your dedicated project manager you have access to our skilled support staff to answer all of your questions about your website or digital marketing efforts. We know you’re busy and we’ve got your back.

Startup Friendly

We love startups and we pride ourselves around entrepreneurship. We believe in freedom and equal opportunity to build wealth. When you work with Infinite Game Studio we are in your corner and we will set up mutually beneficial connections within our network when we see them.

Divi Experts

We have been using Divi since it launched in 2013. We can handle the biggest of your Divi projects and would highly suggest using the Divi Theme in your next project.


Everything we build you own. We build all of our websites in WordPress which is a free and open source content management software. WordPress operates under the GNU Public License which basically states that you own your content and you have the freedom to move your wordpress site wherever you wish.

On-Site SEO

We build all of our websites with the technical on-site SEO built in. SEO is a big buzzword that can mean many different things. With on-site SEO we make sure that all pages on your website look very good to search engines and we make sure that all of your data is displayed elegantly when your site comes up in search results.


Your basic website hosting is included when you purchase custom design from Infinite Game Studio. We use the best WordPress servers in the world and can scale with your growth. One less thing for you to worry about…

USA Based

We are located in Chandler, AZ. All of our website design and development is done in-house. We speak and write fantastic English and we respond to emails, calls and text messages.

 How Much Does a Website Cost?

The average hours spent on a small custom build start at around 30-40 hours.

We spend most of the time working on the home page, which usually ends up being around 15-20 hours. From there, the subpages would typically require about 1-5 hours each, depending on how much content will be on each page.

The final piece is making it responsive or mobile-friendly, and that usually is about 3-4 hours on a small 5-10 page website.

Here Are a Few Additional Factors to Consider when Requesting an Estimate.

  • Are there any special requirements that may need custom development?
  • Will content be provided by the client or does that need to be added to the estimate?
  • Will images be provided by the client or will premium stock images be used?
  • Is this a new build from scratch or is this an old site with lots of content and old plugins that may cause havoc when trying to update the site?

Most basic custom WordPress brochure-type websites at Infinite Game Studio start at around $5,000 to $7,000. Most eCommerce websites start at around $10,000.

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