First, what is SEO Reporting?

SEO Reporting is basically the tracking of the SEO performance of your website. When using SEO tools, naturally you want to confirm and keep track of how your website is performing. In other words, you want your website to be found easily and quickly by your target audience. SEO reporting tells you which marketing strategies are working and illustrates actions to take to grow your SEO performance.

In order to do this, you want to track and report your user’s data like organic keywords and search traffic.

What We Include in an SEO Report

Domain Analytics

Total Backlinks

Organic Search Results

Social Media Summary

Site Audit

SEO Performance

SEO Reporting Breakdown

SEO Overview:

Also known as “Domain Analytics” this shows a summary of organic search results for your site for both desktop and mobile.

It also shows your paid traffic results.

Next, the SEO Report shows a summary of Total Backlinks. This is categorized into Referring Domains and Referring IPs.

Following this, your organic search results by keyword are displayed.

Social Media Summary

Here your social media metrics are displayed. This includes the number of reactions, page likes, and link clicks, among others. This is a good tool to monitor how your website and business are doing on the social media front.

  • Monitor engagement, followers, and more.
  • Track your mentions on social media and get to know your customers.
  • Find out which of your hashtags drive the most engagement.
  • Analyze the frequency and nature of the content your competitors are posting.

Site Audit

An SEO audit is the process of identifying problems or errors that can prevent your site from ranking on Google and other search engines.

  • Making sure your site is being correctly crawled, indexed, and rendered by Google
  • Checking your website for on-page SEO problems
  • Verifying that your site has a good user experience (mobile and desktop)
  • Combing your website for duplicate or thin content

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